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Fellowship of St. Silas
An Eastern Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry
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What We Do

How do we pastor the flock of Saint Silas? We visit prisons, and we help to train others to do this as well. Hundreds of men and women hunger for the Holy Apostolic Faith. We are here to train you to go into the prisons that may be in your local area. We have available Orthodox catechetical materials especially designed to train potential prison workers.

We also provide icon prayer cards, catechetical workbooks, and Orthodox prayer books that help the imprisoned faithful. Aside from the Bible, the most requested books are the Orthodox Christian Journey series, consisting of four books — Orthodox Christian Journey, Orthodox Christian Catechism, Orthodox Christian Prayerbook, and Orthodox Christian Readings. All are written in everyday American language, easily read and understood, filled with profound truths of the Holy Orthodox Faith. A self-directed study book to be used in conjunction with Orthodox Christian Catechism is also available. By using these materials, many prisoners transform their prison cells into prayer cells.

We provide pastoral visitation by mail. Each and every week, we mail to approximately four hundred inmates a letter of pastoral and spiritual instruction, using the homilies we hear during the Divine Liturgy on Sunday.

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