[Christ Pantocrator Sinai]
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Fellowship of St. Silas
An Eastern Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry
[Woman in Prison]

Prison ministry is not glamourous. Fr. David Ogan has spoken to many who want to support outreach in the prisons yet do not feel called to actually go behind the barbed wire fences and the concrete monoliths where those in prison live.

What can you do?

Pray for captives and their salvation.
Pray for the many who are serving prisoners through bible studies, prayer groups and liturgical services. Pray for the mothers and fathers who have seen their child going down the path of the prodigal. Pray that the winds of repentance is continues to blow across the many prisoners that we are bringing the Gospel of freedom to.

We implore your prayers as we continue to fulfill the calling of bringing the light of the Gospel of freedom to the flock which God has blessed us with.

Thank You for your prayers and support.

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