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Father's Messages -
June 2009

We greet you in this season of renewal!

There are moments in this life when we are gifted with a unexpected word of spiritual encouragement.

I recently received a phone call from one of our "flock" who has been out of prison for eleven years. I am like all pastors who has a bit of tension when we receive a evening telephone call. The call which I received was a voice which was familiar, yet I did not know for sure who it was. On the other side of the line came a joyous voice saying to me " Father David, this is Seraphim.*" Seraphim said to me that he was going to church, saying his prayers and living his life for our Lord.

He attends a church on the west coast and has continued to live his faith in the beauty of the holy church. What is amazing is he had never heard of the Orthodox Church until he was sent to prison. I was not quite prepared for the shower of thankfulness that came out of his talk with me. He made it clear to me this ministry was a light in a dark time of his life. The longer he was in prison, the more the contact with family and friends dwindled. He went on to say he was so very thankful to me and others who never broke our tie to him. I explained a gift is meant to be given away. As I have received the gift of Gods love and mercy I too must give what He has given to me... unto others.

I want to thank you for your prayers and support to this ministry of hope. We are not trying to reach thousands... we are trying to bring the holy light of reconciliation to others... one person at a time.

May the gift of the comforter bring salvation to you and to those whom you pray for.

Fr. David Ogan

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